Global Collaboration and Impact

Doctor with rural children

Beyond our core programs and initiatives, GWish continually initiates dialog and collaboration with spiritual and religious leaders, governments, and humanitarian organizations around the world. 

Here are a few examples of our global work: 

  • In 2014, Dr. Puchalski and members of the Global Network for Spirituality and Health (GNSAH) served on the Ad Hoc Advisory Council to WHO for passage and implementation of the World Health Assembly Palliative Care Resolution‎. Through this council, GNSAH contributed global examples of spiritual care in palliative care ‎settings and provided resources for the spiritual care section of WHO’s palliative care resource book, Building Integrated Palliative Care Programs and Services. 
  • In response to a request from global palliative care leaders and WHO to make interprofessional spiritual care training available on an international scale, GWish developed Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC).‎ ISPEC is an international education initiative whose mission is to improve spiritual ‎‎care for patients with serious and chronic illness. 
  • GWish director Dr. Christina Puchalski serves on many advisory committees including The Vatican ‎and the ‎Maruzza Foundation and The Pontifical Academy for Life’s (PAV) International Advisory Working ‎Group (PAL-LIFE), Click the following links for information on PAL-LIFE’s recently published paper and book, including recommendations for the global development of palliative care. 

WATCH VIDEO: GWish Participates in Fetzer Institute Conference on the Spiritual Aspects of Illness and Mortality

GWish participates in the Fetzer Institute’s multi-faith dialog on the transformative possibilities of mortality and how to integrate this understanding into practice. The purpose of this collaboration was to identify spiritual challenges during serious illness and end-of-life and how they might be addressed across diverse audiences.

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